Authoring Tool

This tool generates xml scripts that can be used for unity projects in the ISG AGENT system.

Updating elements

At the top of the initial screen the user enters all the agents, objects, agent animation names (names of the animations the agent can use) and user gesture names (gestures that the agent will recognize). Upon clicking the “Update elements” button these elements will be accessible in the drop down menus.

Pick what happens in the script

Agent dialogue (the agent speaking to the user): Includes a dialogue, the agent speaking and what the agent is looking at.

Agent animation (the agent makes a gesture): Includes the gesture that the agent makes, the agent doing the gesture and what the agent is looking at. Animations are preset inside unity.

User dialogue: A response that the agent will recognize, the user can also add multiple different responses (e.g. yes, no) that have different next events. And the user can also use the "+" button next to the dialogue box to add different items (i.e. yes, yea, ye).

User gesture: The gesture the user makes that the agent recognizes. These gestures have to be preset so the agent's system can be properly "trained" to evaluate the user's gesture.


If you have any questions on how to use the tool send an email to:

    Adriana Camacho

    Alex Rayon

Press "Update Elements" whenever you modify the elements above.